Casa Bucovineană motel **

Located at the entrance of Vatra Dornei, in close proximity to the tourist centre, Casa Bucovineană will greet you with its particular hospitality.
The people you will meet here, the excellent food and the traditional drinks, as well as the accommodation state will create the ambiance of leisure, cosiness, serenity and rest at which you always dreamed of for the idyllic vacation or for spending unforgettable evenings.

The natural frame of the town (one of the traditional mountain watering resorts, well-known since the beginning of the 19th century, not only for the magnificence of the scenery but also for its mineral springs), its surroundings and the natural therapeutic factors presents various opportunities for spending time, besides the curing of various diseases and even for practising winter sports.

“And blessed is this place, especially since the new innkeeper and his spouse came here…
For the reason that they didn’t look at the voyager as being a stranger that came from world, but as a friend long waited to visit their house…”

Ioan Slavici